Who We Are


Yellow Fox Animation Studio started with a multi-award winning CG short film “La Lune” in 2009. La Lune has won the best CG short film at Comic-Con International Film Festival 2008, the best short at Brooklyn International Kids Film Festival 2008, and the best CG short at International Family Film Festival 2009. La Lune is currently being shown all over the world and broadcast on Nickelodeon Network TV. Currently, La Lune is contracted with distribution companies such as Big Star TV in Spain and Heritage International Entertainment Distribution in Australia and many more in the future. Kelly Shon is the owner of the company. She has various experience in TV animation and in the video game industry as an animator for many years, having directed the short films La Lune and Roxy’s Dream. Our team consists of many experienced professionals who are comitted to producing high quality work.


Moonsoo Lee - Concept Artist - www.moon3.com
Gennady Babichenko - Modeler - www.gennadyart.com
Jackie Jiang (Ke Jiang) - Texture Artist - www.jkart.net


Yellow Fox Animation Studio provides mainly animation services for clients ranging from feature film, TV series projects, television commercials and video game companies as well as concept art, design, and illustration for children’s books.